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Below we present some highlights of research in the fields of sports science and sports, business and law as well as sports medicine.

Chair in Training and Movement Sciences:

The Chair of Training and Movement Science focuses its research on training science topics especially on performance oriented talented- and junior-training. The research questions approach strictly specified subject areas e.g. sport-specific subproblems of process organization (Training objectives, content and methods) in individual training levels. Further, overarching sport problems are approached by conceptual-organizational aspects of goal-oriented and time-oriented structure concepts of junior traing. Read more....

Chair in Marketing & Service Management:

The management of the Service-Profit-Chain and their (situative) moderating variables builds the focus of research at the Department of Service Management. The question is raised, how values are created by service management. Find more information here.....

Chair in Social and Health Sciences in Sport:

The interface between social-science- and healthcare-science-research is processed by the Chair of Social and Health Sciences in Sport. Major objective is the exercise and health support of specific target groups (e.g. adolescents, seniors, men) in various environments (e.g. communes, tertiary institutions, schools). In this case human behavior and the experience of exercises as well as the requirements of successful sport participation is investigated. Read more…

Chair in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism:

The chair in Exercise Physiology and Metabolism focuses on different parameters of exercise performance in healthy individuals, and those with metabolic diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Another aspect of this research is the investigation of interstitial glucose sensors which are available for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes but also healthy physically active individuals. The recent project of the chair focuses upon the sensor accuracy between two commercially available glucose sensors during different types of physical activity and real-world conditions in the “SuperComEx” project. Besides the research focus on glucose metabolism, the chair also focuses on different blood parameters that may adapt to different exercise stimuli in different environments in recreational- and professional athletes.

Chair in Marketing & Consumer Behavior:

Research interests of the Chair in Marketing are focused on consumers – their motives, emotions, knowledge, behavior and protections. In this case In Vivo-research is done: Empirical investigations are not performed in the test tube, but rather focus on specific contexts, on the living environment of the customers (e.g. Fan-research in stadiums; Nutrition knowledge; sharing; corporate backgrounds and consumer protection).  Read more…

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